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“To protect with courage, To serve with compassion”

About Security Systems Management

SSM has been providing quality protective services to commercial, industrial, and residential properties throughout the Bay Area. SSM is a full service security company specializing in Armed and Unarmed security guards. We offer a variety of services in security industry.

We create customized security systems and programs for your community or your facility. We combine the right personnel with the most advanced security technology available. Our policy of protecting clients with top quality services at reasonable prices has secured Security Systems Management’s position as one of the fastest growing full service security firms in Bay Area.

Quality Personnel

Strict hiring practices, State and Federal screening as well as thorough background checks assure our security officers are highly qualified, trustworthy, and dependable.

Licensed Bonded Insured

Uniformed Security Guard Services
Vehicle Patrols & Spot Checks
Alarm Response
Guard Houses
Commercial, Residential & Industrial
Temporary & Permanent Contracts
Special Events
Parking Lot Management
Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Centers

A comprehensive training program which includes 24 hours of classroom training utilizing the Professional Security Training Network (PSTN) the recognized leader in Security and Law Enforcement training. PSTN certification assures out training program remains up to date and meets nationally recognized standards.

Upon passing the classroom training the candidate is assigned a post where they will begin their on-the-job training with a seasoned security professional. Our Staff includes current and former city, state, county, and federal law enforcement officers. Our staff is categorized into 3 distinct levels of expertise, allowing us to customized a security solution to fit any budget.

Communicating & Reporting

Every Security officer is radio equipped and in constant communication with our command center. 24 hour supervision via regular post inspections assure top performance of assigned duties. Compliance with post orders and special client needs is adhered to as standard practice while detection of maintenance needs and safety programs are directed to the facilities manager. Daily written reports are delivered by our supervisor.